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Some people say that selecting a CAD tool doesn’t matter. I’ve heard the analogy that CAD is like a hammer…it doesn’t matter what hammer you use, it’ll probably drive a nail and get the job done. I don’t agree. I think selecting the right tool can change, improve, and even revolutionize the way you work, design, and innovate.

Case and point – Augustine Die & Mold Inc. A while back Augustine Die & Mold Inc. came to us with a goal. They needed to improve collaboration on customer’s part designs and plastic injection mold designs. There was also an initiative to adopt a single platform for all their CAD, CAM, and CAE needs.

We worked with the Augustine team and mapped out that PTC Creo Parametric and a few advanced options and extensions would give them the functionality they needed in one consolidated package. We recommended PTC Creo Parametric as the core CAD technology and suggested the addition of the PTC Creo Parametric Tool Design Option (TDO), the PTC Creo Parametric Flexible Modeling Extension (FMX), and the PTC Creo Parametric Expert Moldbase Extension (EMX).

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